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How Reactivate Church came to be

Smith FamilyFor the first five years of our relationship, Camille and I never once thought about going into ministry. We started out as high school sweethearts and stayed together through many rough patches. After high school, on my way to Fort Lewis, Washington, I proposed to Camille at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (without a ring).  Surprisingly, she agreed to spend the rest of her life with me. And if you would have told her then that she would be a pastor’s wife, she would have laughed in your face -- hysterically.

For the next couple years we continued to run hard and fast away from God. And yet, no matter the distance we ran, God’s grace and love never stopped pursuing us. After a very long night of partying in Seattle, the trajectory of our lives was radically changed. Our eyes were opened to the mess we had created by our own selfish decisions. We knelt down on the wet concrete a couple blocks from the Space Needle and asked Jesus to forgive us. Our friends, who were there with us, laughed. But it didn’t matter. We experienced the calm peace of God’s forgiveness washing over us. We stayed awake for the next couple hours so we could be first in line at Barnes and Noble to purchase Bibles.

Since that night in 2001, we have been on an incredible journey. Like any good journey, our course has not always been fun or easy, but it has been adventurous and filled with purpose. Both the highs and the lows of our experience have shaped us into the people we have become. We realize now that we were created to love God, to love ourselves and to love others relentlessly for as long as we have breath to fill our lungs. We have been married since 2001, and have two young boys named Isaiah and Elijah. Camille finished her education with a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and I recently completed my Master’s of Divinity from Hood Theological Seminary.

Five years ago, we had the privilege of starting a church within a multi-site church model in Hickory, North Carolina. We built relationships with some pretty awesome people and watched God do some amazing things. While it would have been easy to stay in our hometown community, we felt God nudging us to start another church in Charlotte.

So here we are, believing ordinary people can play a part in the grand story that God is telling. God’s story, is a story of reactivation, redemption, and restoration of hope. If you would like to join us in this journey please contact us and let us know.

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