Hamster Wheels and Airplanes

There are more weeks than I care to admit when I wake up on Monday morning and feel like the hamster wheel is calling me to climb back on and spin a while. I go through my routine: brushing my teeth, putting on my eyeballs, making a strong cup of coffee, making sure my oldest son is getting ready for school, fixing his hair, driving him to Parkside Elementary and starting my busy routine as a church planter, husband, son, friend, dad, mentor, etc.

I think that’s the reason I like to fly in airplanes.

It’s not something I do often. The people in the airport are hurried but with purpose. There are big hugs in airports, tears that are shed, hearts that are joyful and/or sad. There is a destination. The pilot has a plan. The engines begin to spin and I’m thrust back in my seat as the weight of gravity sits on my chest. Some turbulence rocks the plane during the initial turn to gain altitude, and within minutes things settle down, the sun peeks over the horizon and the world that I had previously known, now looks so small.


The season of Lent, the 40 odd days leading up to Easter, gives Christians perspective in the same way that flying does. It lets us evaluate the things we have made routine. Routine is not bad but it must be constantly examined. Everything is on the proverbial chopping block for Christians during Lent. And with the view of the cross and resurrection emerging again, new ideas emerge on how I might be faithful to Christ in the coming year with my new routines.


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