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One of the many reasons churches fail to maximize their potential is because they fail to set clear goals and work collaboratively towards that end. In a world filled with distractions it is quite easy for us to veer off of our intended course.

However, as I watched the two playoff games yesterday, I was reminded how clearly each team understood their goal. Score more points than the other team. It's that simple.


A couple weeks ago, I joined a Mastermind group with a couple of colleagues in order to maximize my time as a husband, father, church planter and individual in order to strategically focus on the things that matter most.

The primary focus for me in 2016, as it relates to being the Pastor of Reactivate Church, is to make disciples. So the question is: Are people in my sphere of influence choosing to follow Jesus more closely? Do they love like Jesus? Serve like Jesus? Give like Jesus? Live like Jesus? And am I doing those things as their servant leader? It's that simple.



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